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Episode 13: It’s Not the Years, Honey, It’s the Myleage

Huzzah! It’s the second in our series of convention recording, brought to you by Brian and Eamonn, with a woman who’s dipped her toe in two continents and two series.

Stay tuned for more convention goodies!

Episode 12: Seventh Heaven

Long delayed and hotly anticipated, here’s the first in our series of convention recordings from the UK, procured my Brian and Eamonn and with a voice you may have heard on the podcast before.

Stay tuned for more convention goodies!

Episode 11: Type 40 Confidential

The Type 40 Podcast has returned, and this time it’s with a convention report! Our very own Brian has been in the UK along with his British Invaders companion, Eamonn, and together they’ve assembled a wealth of Doctor Who stories and goodies to share with you – and with Brad, who sits in on the geekery. If this doesn’t make you want to visit the United Kingdom, nothing will. Our next few episodes will be featuring some even MORE special goodies from the convention!

[This episode’s promos are courtesy of the British Invaders Podcast and the Fullcast Podcast]